Supporting individuals & not-for-profit organisations to reach their full potential.

Our success can only be measured by those who succeed. 

As a registered and funded Specialist Centre we support learners to complete the Learn My Way modules at their own pace. Also offering 1-2-1 support encouraging learners to achieve an Entry Level 3 Basic IT Award accredited by City & Guilds. These modules fully support employment skills, Maths & English assessment, hobbies and learning.  

After learning the basics of email, internet browsing and how to access Public Services the additional modules help learners to manage their finances, complete online forms and create documents.  To register using your own laptop or PC go to, click create an account and follow the online registration form. Please use Centre Code 3456210

We are happy to announce that this service will continue throughout 2015 to March 2016


Weekly Employment and Confidence Building sessions are held at The Stirling Centre Milton Walk Doncaster offering support to a group of 6 young Autistic Adults to gain valuable skills. These are held over a 6 week period. 

The sessions cover:

  • Identifying learning styles
  • CV writing & cover letters
  • Job search, job sites and completing job applications & researching volunteer opportunities
  • Interview Skills

Although primarily these are run in a group setting we also offer one to one appointments for bespoke and in-depth help. We are hopeful of a continuation of this service and will publish dates if we are able to continue our support.


The Evan Cornish Foundation was created in memory of the late Evan Cornish, a successful businessman who passed away in 2002, by his wife Ethel and four daughters. The Trustees decided to utilise funds in his name for the benefit of charitable activities in the local, national and international communities. We were successfully awarded funds to stage Vintage Tea Parties and Memory lane Bingo as pilot events throughout Doncaster enabling us to gather evidence of need.

During the parties we serve sandwiches and cream tea using vintage crockery. Our Memory Table includes memory provoking items to encourage everyone to share childhood memories with the whole group. Music allows us to share laughter and throughout the Memory Lane Music Bingo - which is a large part of our activity everyone can sing along and share memories associated to the music and the era of the day.

Due to the success of the pilot events we have successfully obtained funding from DMBC Innovation Fund to hold another 40 parties throughout the borough from July 2015 to July 2016. Without the original funding from Evan Cornish this would not have been possible. 

Since July 2014 to Feb 2015 we have been successful in completing a Humber Learning Consortium contract where we were committed to deliver support across the borough to 40 local residents seeking routes to employment, training or voluntary opportunities.

Our support included:

  • An initial assessment of needs.
  • A bespoke service to enable each individual a route to achieve their own aims and objectives.
  • A person centred approach focusing on positive personal outcomes.

Our successes and results over exceeded our expectations..